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Hey, I’ve released the first version of Elm Designer: A visual code generator for Elm UI. ⁦You can easily try out…O5

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acangiano Hey folks, one of my mentees is an excellent software engineer who just got laid off.
He is a Georgia Tech…bJ

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@acangiano I have avoided this movie for years because of the idiotic title translation. Then I spotted the…58

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If you need to apply attribute values on a given breakpoint in , you can do that using something like: “…l3

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I’m late to the party but Python is sooo well done.

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boagworld Being an expert isn’t about knowing the answers. It is about knowing a process to find the answers.

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espiekermann In these bullshit times, we all need this: → Pseudo Design Titles

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I’ve written a Quake 3 map renderer in Elm and WebGL:…

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@jpamental @espiekermann One more reason to silence them completely, even the red badge.

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Behind Twitter’s Plan To Get People To Stop Yelling At Each Other.…

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imchriskelly What must it have felt like the moment they realized this was possible?

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@brianhicks Yet another attempt to mimic Facebook newsfeed. ☹️

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Great recap: “Yet Another JavaScript Framework”…

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Looks like now one needs to incorporate a color gradient in any produced design artifact, so it looks “current”. No way.

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Superb: The ineffectiveness of lonely icons.…

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